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Adam Kadmon: The New Human

The Adam Kadmon Seminar is the most important seminar that we teach at The Rocky Mountain Mystery School. This information will change the way that you live.

You are invited to participate in a core group that will be doing pilot work for the rest of the planet. We must have completed most of this work for the mass population before the year 2005. This is our goal. All the work must be done before the year 2012, as that is the celestial date for the end of humanity and the beginning of spirituality.

What it means to be the Adam Kadmon:

  • A NOW time frame instead of a linear one
    Result: the possibility of living 10 lifetimes in one.
  • Increased consiousness awareness
    Result: living in a true reality instead of a sub-reality
    Result: using more of your brain (in time up to 100% capacity)
  • Telepathic qualities
    Result: total global contact with all humans
    Result: control of collective consciousness
  • Embracing the Adamic seed
    Result: become a galactic human
    Result: fulfill all prophecies.
  • Having The Gates of Heaven always open
    Result: day to day contact with God and the Hierarchy of Light
    Result: Archangelic intervention on a day to day basis with specific tasks and intergalactic assistance as needed
  • Full DNA activation
    Result: all 24 parts of the DNA tree are activated for a complete physical experience of the spiritual world
    Result: full Light Body Activation and completion
  • Full control of the Four Elements
    Result: manifestation through Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.
  • Full control over the three vehicles of humans (Physical Body, Soul, and Spirit)
  • Spiritual and physical abundance
    Result: the total understanding of Religion and Philosophy
  • A deeper knowledge of the "I AM" and of one's purpose here on Earth

This is a very special seminar being undertaken at The Rocky Mountain Mystery School . This information will change the way we live. The guidance for this transformative technology is coming from two sources - The Spiritual Hierarchy of Light and the Galactic Federation. This joint venture is a new phenomena on this planet. These are very exciting times!

Class Topics:


  • New energy food of humans
  • The rituals of tomorrow
  • Intergalactic meditation
  • The WHOLE you
  • The New energy in our day to day lives
  • Relationships in the new energy
  • Business in the new energy
  • Our New DNA: The 24 strand DNA activation
  • Step by step blue print for activation
  • New living architecture
  • Raising children in the new energy
  • The new 24 chakra systemand the new corresponding DNA strands
  • Activation of the DNA and chakras
  • And much more.......

Investment: $495
$395 if you are already 22 Strand DNA Activated
$300 for Indigos ages 19 - 30
FREE to kids under 19
$125 to audit

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